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Do you know why people say "I love you" before they leave?  Perhaps they just say it to say it.
The fact is, is that you never know when you are going to die. You want to make sure you tell your loved ones you love them as often as possible.
A good "I love you" or a simple "goodnight" can mean a lot to a person. But not everyone gets to say goodbye.
Take Vigil for instance. He is a normal 16 year old boy, with a life that will fall apart.
Lets start from the beginning...
It all started with the argument. Vigils parents had always argued and fought. Lately, the fighting has been getting worse. His parents have started to throw things, push, hit and yell like little children. Vigil had always his himself away in his room while they fought. This time, though, his parents were fighting on the stairs across from his room. This time Vigil will watch.
He peeks out of his cracked open door and eavesdrops on the fight. The adults bicker about money and financial issues. Yells and screams fill the air, and finally Vigils dad throws his hands in the air and pushes his mother with a heavy force.
She tumbles down the stairs.
Step, by step, she tumbles down, cracking her skull on the wall, and breaking many limbs on the stairs.
A gurgled moan comes from her mouth as she hits the tiled floor below. Blood leaks from her lips and cracked open head and her eyes roll back into her skull.
His father shakily creeps down the steps, checking on his wife. She is dead. His father chuckles and gives the corpse a kick.
Vigil is paralyzed in his doorway. The door creaks, catching his fathers attention. The man runs up the steps with a sheer look of insanity covering his face.
Vigil closes and locks his door as his father pounds on it, demanding for entrance.
Rushing to his closet, the boy grabs a wooden baseball bat and turns back to the door.
His father starts threatening to kill him, too, if he doesn't open up.
Vigil clutches the baseball bat and reaches a shaky hand to the knob of the door. He throws open the door and bashes his father in the stomach with the bat. He then runs down the steps, avoiding his mothers body, and throwing himself to the phone to call the police. He dials the number and hits the call button, but all too late. His father tackles him as the phone rings and a lady picks up on the other end. She asks what the emergency is. Vigil tries to yell, but his father's meaty hands are around his neck.
Vigil kicks his father in the gut, sending him tumbling across the floor. He knocks over a coffee table and a lit candle ignites the couch and curtains, sending an inferno blaze up the wall.
The fire Burns Vigil's face, causing for him to go blind in his right eye. His while face Burns and becomes numb.
His dad comes at him again, but Vigil rolls to the side, making his father tumble into the flames. The man rolls around, trying to put out the fire, but to no avail.
The police and fire department show up right as his father dies.
Vigil is the only one alive.
He tries to explain what happened, but the officers don't believe him. He is proven guilty for murder and taken away to a mental facility, marked as patient 113.
The doctors treat his wounds. He had lost his right eye, and nose, and his left eye had become white from the heat of the fire. The doctors sew his right eye socket closed, along with many pieces of damaged, peeling skin on his face and arms.
Soon, the other mental patients start calling Vigil "stitchface".
Vigil doesn't mind, though. He thinks the name fits him. Eventually, the doctors give in on his new nickname.
One day at lunch, Vigil sneaks off into a nurses office and takes a thread and needle, sewing his mouth shut. The needle pierces through his skin. Good thing the fire ruined the nerves on his face.
After he is done, he chuckles to himself, and admires his new creation.
A doctor finds him and claims Vigil had gone insane. The doctor had the boy chained up and put into a padded cell.
Truith is, Vigil is actually losing his mind. His sanity is falling apart, bit by bit.
In his cell, Vigil rocks back and forth, listening to the tiny voices come from the padded walls of his cell. Soon, Vigil starts seeing substances drip from the ceiling and onto the floor.
He tries to tell the doctors, but his lips won't move. He tries to scream, but all that comes out is muffled noise.
He has to get out of here. Insanity is getting the best of him.
A nurse comes in with what he calls his "crazy pills". A perfect opportunity.
Vigil trips her and wraps the chains restraining him around her neck, cutting off her air. She tries to scream, but the force of the chains had crushed her vocal chords. All that passes her lips is a raspy whistling noise. After she suffocated, Vigil takes a key from her and frees himself from most of his restraints, leaving only one around his neck and right arm. The key wouldn't fit the lock for them.
Finally freed, Vigil exits through the open iron door, fleeing to the hallways. He grabs a wooden baseball bet from the physical education room and runs down the halls.
A doctor stops him in the hallway, but Vigil cracks the doctor in the head with the bat, splattering blood along the white walls and floor.
Vigil kneels down and takes the doctors blood, writing the word "hush" next to the body.
He then escapes thought the lobby doors as a siren wails in the distance. But Vigil is long gone and running through the thick forest.
The next day, there are stories all over the news about patient 113 escaping from a nearby mental institution and  unidentified murders in a nearby town. The murder weapon is said to be a wooden baseball bat, and next to all of the corpses is the word "hush" written in the victims blood.
So there was the story of stitchface. be sure to say "I love you" to your family tonight, and lock your windows. He can be watching......Waiting........hush........~

The end~


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I'm just a person who likes to draw. Creepypasta is life, and requests are always welcome. feel free to check out my wattpad account . it's Cyanide_Screams. ^_^
Also, I had an account with the same name on here, but I lost the password. ;-;


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